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We all enjoy a good song right? Nothing like something melodic to get us moving. But what about using sound to heal and to re-align our energy flows?

This week Asian Healing interviews Grant Smith, a trained homeopath and naturopath who uses Tibetan ‘Singing Bowls’ to balance and unblock energy running throughout the body.

To preview this theme take a look at the meditation technique below using mantras relating to particular chakras. I love both the vibration and focus it can bring to your meditation. Hope you enjoy this one.

Technique: When focusing on each Chakra repeats these sounds 5 times slowly (e.g. ‘Laaammm’) and a few more times silently.

The Root Chakra: When focusing on this Chakra repeat the sound ‘Lam’ 5 times and then again a few times silently.

The Sacral/Sex Chakra: When focusing on this Chakra repeat the sound ‘Vam’ 5 times and then again a few times silently.

The Solar Plexis/Navel Chakra: When focusing on this Chakra repeat the sound ‘Ram’ 5 times and then again a few times silently.

The Heart Chakra: When focusing on this Chakra repeat the sound ‘Yam’ 5 times and then again a few times silently.

The Throat Chakra: When focusing on this Chakra repeat the sound ‘Ham’ 5 times and then again a few times silently.

The Third Eye Chakra: When focusing on this Chakra repeat the sound ‘Om’ 5 times and then again a few times silently.

The Crown Chakra: When focusing on this Chakra repeat the sound ‘Aum’ 5 times and then again a few times silently.

Hope that you enjoy this meditative practice. Please do let us know if you found it beneficial by adding your comments or emailing  info@clearwhitespace.com


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Sometimes you’re fortunate enough to cross paths with someone who reminds you of the inner joy and happiness which is already present within you. I was beaming after completing a ‘Yoga with Sacred Chants’ class at last week’s Bali Spirit Festival, led by Akasha Chaitanya , A.k.a. Sky. A slow determined Yoga sequence accompanied by Sacred Chants. For me, Sky’s class reflected the true essence of Yoga; expect postures with chanting,hand mudras,  Pranayama and verses from the Yoga Sutras or Vedas.

Roll back twenty years and Sky, born in Canada, was living at the foot of Whistler and earning a living as a Ski Instructor. Sounds like a perfect life right? Yet he felt incomplete (familiar anyone?). His first introduction to Yoga was by a sixty six year old English woman who held a class for older local ladies. Although he felt a little awkward at first (being a 20yr old man!) his teacher’s genuine warmth and affection shone through and remains with him to this day.

Fast forward to a trip to Koh Phangan in Thailand where Sky continued his journey, unfolding the nature of himself. He met there with his first teacher and began on a path of removing ignorance, a path towards finding permanent happiness in this life. It was at this point that Sky was introduced to the teachings of The Vedas. The Vedas are one of the most ancient religious texts in existence. They are thought to reflect in human speech divine teachings and form the basis of Hinduism but also heavily influenced Buddhism too.

Quite a task to undertake for such a young man! I asked Sky how he felt setting out on this spiritual path ” ..it feels like you’re paddling upstream while everybody else is whooshing downstream past you with the flow of the tide. But you can’t climb on your Guru’s back and have him swim you upstream, you have to put in the effort yourself.” He looked daily into the sacred words and listened to wise teachings via MP3.

Sky’s inner peace and wealth of happiness shone through the entire time I sat with him. Let us all find the inner strength to swim ourselves upstream and reach for the Sky!  Honor and thanks goes to Sky for introducing himself to us.

For more information on Sky or Sama Yoga Retreats email yogasky108@me.com

Please feel free to comment and add you thoughts to posts.


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Went to the Bali Spirit Festival last week and had one of the most uplifting days of my life! Awesome.

The venue was the spacious, natural abundance of Purnati Arts Centre in Ubud

There was a smorgasbord of different workshops available which you could dip in and out of at your leisure. This was fantastic as I was able to drift into whatever I felt I want to do without feeling too scheduled.

Started the day with a joyous ‘Yoga with Sacred Chants’ class with the sublime Sky (more on his journey in the next blog). Slow,powerful Asanas whilst chanting mystical mantras; a gentle energy washed over the room. Sky’s positive vibes and gleaming smile gave me a inner giggle while riding out any physical discomfort which he described as a ‘gift’ (even that made me chuckle!). He was such a positively glowing human being I requested an interview  and spent some quality time with him over a coconut.

Next an insight into Ayurveda and its teachings about how the primary elements in Mother Nature exist deep within us, providing us with our own unique Blueprint or Prakriti led by Insiya Rasiwala.  She gave us the basic information on the Doshas (mind-body types) and how to align your particular Dosha with the asanas you practice. I’ve got to admit that I find it often difficult to focus on anything but my favorite asanas unless I’m in a class! We ended with a tri-doshic yoga practice which really helped to illustrate the teachings.

Feeling a major hunger pang I headed up to the Dharma Fair for some yummy organic Balinese food. Isn’t it nice when you can eat from a banana leaf spoon and plate!

After a well earned siesta I decided to shake things up and joined the Bollywood Sisters dancing workshop and I have to say it was the funniest, silliest two hours I’ve spent in a long time! The girls took us through a step by step sequence with Bollywood moves with given names such as the ‘nipple clasper”. After the first half hour they had us shimmying in the amphitheater and by the end of the session we’d even choreographed our own group sequences. Well done to one of the teachers, Shamila, who had given birth to her son only ten weeks previously and was totally energetic!

After such an vibrant, fun packed and loved up day I booked myself in for a ‘Tibetan Singing Bowl’ treatment with Grant Smith. I was expecting a nice massage to the vibration of singing bowls and what I received was beyond words.

Grant, a well trained Homoeopath,Naturopath and Kinesiologist spent at least half an hour explaining the history behind the bowls before beginning the treatment. Tibetan ‘singing bowl’ is in fact a western name for ‘precious bowl’. They were originally crafted from 7 metals including gold and silver. Each one gives off a totally individual pitch and tone. Much mystery surrounds the bowls; some thought they were merely used to offer alms to the Gods whilst others insist that Lamas used the bowls in secret sacred ceremonies.

Grant explained that he would take different bowls which resonate individual sounds (via a collection of gongs) over my body without quite touching it. He would be guided as to where in my body required alignment. Each tone correlates to a certain organ, tissue or bone.

I relaxed back into the restful state. How can I describe the experience? transcendental? I felt like I myself was a vessel;  sound vibrated through me and at one point the precious bowl near to my crown chakra seemed to offer a celestial orchestra into my brain. I was certainly outside of my body for some of the treatment and Grant described himself as sweating so much at one stage he checked to see if he’d left the window open! The treatment has left such a wonderful  impression on me that I’ll be contacting Grant this week to find out more (and of course I’ll blog!).

Where in one day can you experience Yoga with Sacred Chants, A Dosha Balancing class, Bollywood Dance lessons and a most ‘precious’ experience ever? Bali Spirit Festival of course. My personal thanks to the organizers for enriching my life.


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