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You know those times when you feel discomfort arising from within you; frustration that someone isn’t behaving in the way in which you expect him or her to or your job situation isn’t working out the way you envisaged it?

What do you usually do in that situation?

Call the said person on the telephone and berate them about their behavior? (Guilty as charged!). Go out after work and moan to your friends about what a con the job turned out to be?

Can you honestly say this approach worked? Did you feel more complete afterwards?

Next time you feel that frustration, anger and disappointment rising up inside why not apply a different approach and try to sit with that feeling.

Be Here Now.

“I’m so angry at that person, I feel really agitated”…. Recognize without judgment that this is how you feel at the present moment and feel how these emotions are… and you know what, something meaningful begins to happen.

The negative vibrations begin to quell, to become a little smaller and more inconsequential than a few moments before. You’re acknowledging that this is your present state; you are totally present, no past judgements,’what if’s’ or future facing issues.

Eckhart Tolle illustrated this concept amazingly in his books ‘The Power of Now’ and ‘A New Earth’. Fabulously inspirational reads both books can be opened and at page at any time inspire positive thought and presence.

One of the reasons for creating this blog is to inspire positive thoughts and actions, to engage a like-minded audience who want to explore their inner journey. Along the way I hope we can share knowledge and inspirations.

Tolle stated, “Words reduce reality to something the human mind can grasp, which isn’t very much”. I totally agree but until we can all engage on another level let’s share our experiences here.

Comments and emails with content or inspirations are more than welcome. (info@clearwhitespace.com)

Enjoy the present moment…

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I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing someone who recently completed his third meditation retreat with a wonderful organization called Bali Usada. Having participated in these meditation retreats myself I was excited to find out what revelations were in store.

How did you hear about Bali Usada and Tapa Brata meditation?

My partner had participated in Tapa Brata I twice.

Why did you decide to attend yourself?

I wanted to widen my perspective on life.

And what did you find?

Something very different than I expected (smile). It was not a simple, unguided meditation. I discovered a way to heal myself, both physically and emotionally.

You gained all that knowledge from your first experience?

Oh no, my first experience of Tapa Brata was something else! I came to the Saranam Eco Resort in Bali and at 5am on the first morning I sat in half lotus position in so much pain. ‘Noble Silence’ had already begun so after the meditation I wrote a note “This is not meditation, it’s torture. I will not continue!” and promptly went back to my room! I stayed in the resort and loosely practiced a form of meditation I learned in India and respected the ‘Noble Silence’. On the last night, after silence had been broken,  participants were asked to speak about their experiences. The organizers suggested I come to listen. The speeches moved me so much that I promised myself that I would attend the next course and experience the whole ‘nine yards’!

So what happened when you then went on to experience the entire Tapa Brata I course?

At first physical pain, particularly in my legs for the first three days, while trying to concentrate on my breathing. On Day 4 we began to be guided part by part through our bodies experiencing the impermanence of that feeling (or Anicca). The physical pain was actually releasing a lot of emotional energy and past trauma. You could actually use the physical discomfort to focus.

And what about staying silent throughout?

Pure luxury in a world where small talk is so cheap, life is so busy and egos are so huge.

Did you make eye contact or smile at anyone?

Sometimes there was a moment, a fleeting glance which said ‘Yep, we’ll all in the same boat”! I actually got a few daggers thrown at me as I’d persuaded a friend to join too. He thought is was a ‘spa’ and was fuming but by the end of the week he gave one of the most humorous speeches ever.

On completion of Tapa Brata I what was your overall feeling both physically and emotionally?

I felt very light, almost like my feet didn’t touch the ground. I’d released some old trauma and I felt blessed to have this tool to use to heal myself.

So 1 year later and you decided to return. What happened in-between?

Normal life. I stopped meditating and became lazy. I saw some of my own negative patterns returning so I decided it was time to remind myself of the meditation and its benefits. Saint Paul said, “The body is the temple of your spirit.” I thought it was about time I cleaned out the temple!

And how was this experience?

It was easier to concentrate; you know why you’re simply focusing on breathing in and out through the nose and what’s in store.

You were in a different resort this time, Prana Dewi Resort. What can people expect there?

Prana Dewi is a beautiful peaceful resort in the rice paddies. They grow their own red rice and organic vegetables, which you eat. The food is amazing good!

Any final comments before signing off?

There should be more people in this world like Pak Merta Ada, (founder of Bali Usada and meditation teacher) who just want to help others.

Albert Schweitzer, missionary of compassion and the founder of the Red Cross said:

“ Leaving the world to the unwise egotism is like a valley that lies in the dark. Only up at the highest peaks is the light. Everybody has to live in darkness; only one can go up to see the light, the human being. The human has the impulse to help, he is sick when he does not feel it.”

You do meditation to help yourself to create a harmonious mind. It helps you to be nicer to others and keeps a healthy mind and body too in a world where the majority are chasing money and power.

Any advice for anyone thinking of entering Tapa Brata meditation?

Go and surrender. Do not attach any preconceptions of what you think might happen…just experience.

For more information on joining Bali Usada’s Tapa Brata Meditation http://www.balimeditation.com/

If you’d like to read about my own first experience with Tapa Brata Meditation


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Why am I writing a blog on Asian healing?

Well, I’m fortunate enough to have lived in Asia for the past decade and now reside in the ‘morning of the world’. Bali is a place full of amazing energy; healers (both indigenous and foreign) yoga practitioners, gurus and holistic treatments aplenty.

However, how to tell what I call the ‘flakey bakeys’ from the real deal? How can you find your own ‘Ketut Liyer’ (now famous after ‘Eat,Love,Pray’) on a two-week holiday?

1. I aim to discover the finest holistic healers in Asia, beginning with my own stomping ground Bali.

2. I selfishly want to embark on a fantastic spiritual journey (remember selfishness can be healthy too!)

3. I want to help put people in touch with others and experiences that might help them find what they are seeking; whether that be inner balance, a harmonious mind or just a really indulgent massage.

4. This is my way to begin to manifest a long-term dream to create a Healing Centre and while I’m imagining every detail of that why not start to search for the amazing experts who will participate in it!

I’m setting myself the task of blogging about at least one holistic experience per week (how hard can that be opposed to my normally hectic life?). And I’m typing that to make sure I stick to it!

I hope that you’ll enjoy reading this blog and please comments are most welcome, knowledge grows through communication.

I’ll also be posting all interesting healing hints/tips/contacts onto Facebook and Twitter. Become a fan/follower here

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Asian-Healing/359711857570?ref=ts

Twitter: http://twitter.com/AsianHealing

If you want to contribute something larger than a comment you can email info@clearwhitespace.com

Inbetween life’s busier moments, take a moment to focus on the breath. Take a deep breath in through the nose and exhale gently through the mouth…release. And let a big smile spread across your face!

Namaste to you all

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